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Auto Services

Oil change

Quick Lubes aRe Us in Waynesboro provides several services for your car or commercial vehicle.

  • Oil changes-Synthetic. Synthetic oil stands up better to extreme temperatures and lasts longer that regular motor oil.
  • Transmissions flushes—Get the sludge out of your transmission system so your car runs better.
  • Small engine repairs—We have experienced mechanics on staff to make small engine repairs to keep your car running smoothly or get it running again after a break down.
  • Tire Rotations—Ensure even tire wear and extend the lifespan of your tires by rotating them every 5,000 miles.
  • Air Filters—replacements
  • Brakes—From brake pads to new lines or fluid, we do all brake repairs, including rotors.
  • Struts—repair struts and all parts of your suspension
  • Tie Rod—repairs and replacements
  • Sway Bars—keep your car steady on the road with a functioning sway bar.
  • Cabin Air Filters—improve the air quality while driving and breathe easier with a new cabin air filter
  • Radiator Purges—cleans out your radiator to keep your car’s engine components free of debris
  • Differential Service—we repair and replace differentials, especially for transport service vehicles
  • Serpentine Belts—fixes or replacing this belt helps your power steering pump, water pump AC compressor and air pump run more smoothly.
  • Pulleys and Tensioners

Contact Quick Lubes aRe Us or stop in today and get the services done that you need right away.

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